This upcoming drop will consist of many 1 of 1 pieces (February)

All money made from the "Stop the Genocide" Tees (Excl. production costs), will be put towards a good cause.

There will be more blog posts about elements of my day to day life and how I will incorporate them into upcoming products.

Proceeds from the "Stop the Genocide" Tees will be sent the following sources/organizations depending on the funds we have obtained from the sale.


The original plan was to split all funds raised through the STG Tee shirt sale, between 3 source/organizations. However, one of the journalists that managed a fundraiser has their social media platform removed. I have decided that the money raised from the STG tees will be sent to the following sources/organizations:

  1. UNHCR Canada
  2. SAPA - Sudanese American Physicians
  3. Many Humanitarian Aide is blocked in Gaza from my knowledge - "The Sanabel Team" is an option