To set forth a good example of the ideal person that we want to represent our brand. Outer Remedy is a brand that will always recognize and give back to the source of inspiration. A large part of our lifestyle is to assist those in need, as we can be the Remedy to many situations. 

Our community is made of liked minded individuals from all walks of life. Not only do we stand out through Outer Remedy branded fashion, as a community we must also stand out through our good deeds and actions.


The Outer Remedy community is one that empowers and uplifts people. The ultimate goal, is to have our products be the bridging point between different cultures, people, and professions. Community building is a large component of our brand. Third party resources and services that can benefit our community, will also be shared.


Outer Remedy encourages our community to remember that we are in the world but not of the world. This is a paradox in itself, as our products are indeed material possessions of this temporary world.

However, with our tight knit community making positive changes through our words, actions and charity, we can then utilize our material possessions (E.g. clothing & art), as a way to attract those not yet in tune with our brand message and way of life. 


Growing up, I was always the "observant kid". I would actively observe and seek out similarities between my personal experiences and the external matters of this world. 

As I continue to grow, I become more aware of my communicative style. I admit that I express my thoughts in ways that many find confusing. I have a habit of attaching my message to symbolic, metaphorical or historical references (with the intention that it would make my message more clear). The fact of the matter is that my lovely habit does the complete opposite of what my intentions are.

Truth be told, I become just as frustrated as the person on the receiving end of the message. I began to express myself through the pieces I create. I take pride in providing my customers the experience to dissect and decode symbolic cues within my products.

This ultimately reveals a different component and level of appreciation towards the product, as stories and inspirations behind the products are revealed. I personally believe that this component alone transcends what the eye may see. Each product revolve around a theme and grouped into collections. The goal is to have people think about how these themes affect their own lives.