When we think of posture, people usually automatically think of the posture of our body and having a straight back and associate the strong healthy physical upright strut towards success as a good indicator of good posture. When people have "bad posture" they are told to go to the chiropractor or physiotherapist, depending on their situation. How about our heart posture? 

It is possible to detect if someone has bad posture by their appearance and people with bad posture can physically feel the effects of bad posture. How about the heart? When someone is complacent to do what is morally right, go against the fitrah (original disposition) while drowning in sadness due to their heart being misaligned and toxified - What can they do? How do we know what is morally right? - You can internally feel your heart communicate the answer to you.

The heart can be seen as a sponge. Sometimes this sponge might be soaked with nastiness, that has to be rinsed out. To fix your heart posture you must do good deeds and recalibrate your mind, and seek the Remedy OUTSIDE of yourself. People grow up constantly hearing "believe in yourself" and "trust yourself". The truth of the matter is, we do not have what it takes within us to always do what is right. Our mind, body and soul are constantly under the pressures and influences of the temporary world. When your heart is out of place, you must seek a Remedy that is from a higher source that is outside of ourselves. That source is in fact the highest source that you can turn to. It is your creator. The creator that knows you more than you know you. 

With the horrific global events that are taking place these days, this is the chance to check your heart posture and contribute and advocate for your brothers and sisters of the world.