My first collection will be centered around the global "breadcrumbing" experience.

Being breadcrumbed is when you accept less than what you know you deserve. Accepting the lack of reciprocation in regards to respect and effort between two or more parties, leads to delusion. This delusion ultimately results in tricking ourselves into feeling grateful for the crumbs that keep us from starving.

The pieces in this collection will reflect both sides of the bread crumbing process. Under every product, will be an explanation of what the piece conveys and represents.


Symbolically, the seagull has a very strong influence in the first collection. Growing up, I'd always noticed flocks of seagulls fight over bread crumbs outside the neighborhood strip mall. It didn't take long for me to notice that these "PESTS OF THE SKY" swarm other under-managed neighborhoods. Whether it be seagulls fighting over crumbs or pigeons mobbing the powerlines. The bottom line is that I grew to appreciate the same birds that others consider "dirty scavengers".

My appreciation for these birds come from my personal interpretation of what these birds (seagulls in particular) represent. Symbolically, the people of these so called "at risk" neighborhoods, closely resemble seagulls. The crumbs that the seagulls fight over represent physically demanding/low wage jobs, the division/tension with other disadvantaged neighborhoods, and the thirst for fast money.

The fact of the matter is that the breadcrumbing experience is unique for everyone, and a cookie cutter should not be used. For example, a billionaire can breadcrumb his homeless mother financially, but the mother can breadcrumb his son of love. Hence, the formless identity of this not so phenomenal phenomenon and it's non existent eligibility criteria. The concept of breadcrumbing may seem simple, but I ensure you it is full of contradictions. One thing you can take away from all this, is to be aware of how reciprocity works in your own life. To understand both sides, you must view your situation from a birds eye view, like a seagull.

The goal has always been, putting myself in a position to tell stories through art and fashion. This in return, will provide the necessary means for me to give back and credit the inspiration that gave me the spark.